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MediSense Optium Xceed

MediSense Optium Xceed

The Medisense Optium Xceed blood glucose meter replaces the MediSense ‘Optium’ meter.

Medisense customer help line: 0500 467466


  • large easy to read display
  • small size
  • delivers test result within approximately 10 seconds (compared to 20 seconds for previous Optium meter)
  • requires smaller sample of blood than previous optium meter
  • ability to test for blood ketone levels if required (needs separate ketone strips available on prescription)
  • memory function allows you to store up to 450 readings
  • performs glucose ‘averaging’ (7, 14 and 30 day averages)
  • backlight button illuminates the screen to aid visibility at night
Illustration Explanation

Image 1

1. MediSense Optium Xcwwd meter in carry case supplied.

Image 2

2. Mode Button (centre) turns meter ON and OFF if required (should turn on automatically when test strip inserted)

Use forward and back buttons to select meter settings and memory

Backlight button on right hand side of meter.

Image 3

3. Fingerprick device supplied with meter.

Depth gauge can be adjusted (1-9).

Image 4

4. Insert a new lancet into the fingerprick device.

Image 5

5. Lancet inserted.

Image 6

6. Replace end cap.

Image 7

7. Pull end of device to prime.

Image 8

8. Hold device firmly against chosen test site and press release button.

Image 9

9. Insert the three black lines at the end of the test strip into the strip port until it stops.

The meter turns on automatically.

Image 10

10. The ‘Apply blood’ symbol and LOT number appear on the display screen.

Image 11

11. Remove foil wrapper exposing the end of the test strip.

Image 12

12. Touch the blood drop to the white area at the end of the test strip

Continue to touch the blood to the end of the strip until the test begins.

Image 13

13. Countdown begins.

The meter delivers the test result within approximately 5 seconds.

Image 14

14. Blood glucose result displayed in mmol/l.

For further information:

MediSense Customer Support – UK Freephone 0500 467 466
MediSense UK
14/15 Eyston Way
Abingdon, Oxon
OX14 1TR


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November 2004
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