Managing Diabetes

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LifeScan ONETOUCH UltraSmart

The LifeScan OneTouch UltraSmart

One Touch (Lifescan UK) customer care line: 0800 121200


  • Meter and electronic logbook in a single device
  • Large easy to read display
  • Backlight allows use when reduced ambient light makes it difficult to read the display
  • Small sample size
  • Rapid results within approximately 5 seconds
  • Large memory allows storage of 3000 readingsAbility to enter HbA1c data
  • Ability to enter lifestyle data such as exercise, cholesterol, medication check, daily insulin usage and weight
  • Alternative site testing (eg. Forearm)
Illustration Explanation

Image 1

1. Insert the side of the test strip which has three black lines into the meter.

Image 2

2. The meter will turn on automatically and display the code of the test strip.

Image 3

3. The code should match the number on the test strip container. If it does not use arrows to scroll up or down until the correct code is displayed.

Image 4

4. The code number disappears and the ‘apply blood’ message will be displayed.

Image 5

5. Obtain blood sample using fingerprick device supplied with meter.

Image 6

6. A small sample of blood is adequate – minimum sample size is one microlitre.

Image 7

7. Apply drop of blood to the end of the test strip. The blood will be drawn into the strip. When complete the test process will commence automatically.

Image 8

8. Countdown begins. The meter will display the test result within approximately 5 seconds.


Image 9

9. Blood glucose test result displayed in mmol/l.


Image 10

10. Logbook entries are made using the buttons shown in the diagram opposite.

Image 11



Image 12

12. Screen showing events which may be recorded.


Image 13

13. Lifestyle data can be entered.


Image 14

14. Ability to store HbA1c data.


Image 15

15. Example of a graph of pre-breakfast blood sugars


Customer Care Freephone (UK) – 0800 121 2000


November 2004
West Suffolk Diabetes Service
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