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InDuoR Blood Glucose Meter


A blood glucose meter designed to take Onetouch Ultra test strips, which houses an Innovo injection device within it’s case.

Refer to the page on Innovo for outline instructions on how to use the injection device.

Illustration Explanation
Image 1

1. The InDuo blood glucose meter

Image 2

2. Compartment houses Innovo injection device

Image 3


Image 4

4. Insert test strip. The meter turns on automatically.

Compare code number on meter display with code on test strip vial. If matching begin testing. If not press c until codes match.

Image 5

5. After the apply sample symbol appears (drop of blood symbol - not shown) meter is ready for testing.

Image 6

6. Apply sample by touching and holding blood drop to the top edge of the test strip. Hold blood to top edge until the confirmation window is completely filled. Before meter begins to count down.

Image 7


Image 8

8. Sample read out within 5 seconds.

Meter manufactured by LifeScan Inc. USA

Injection device manufactured by Novo Nordisk Denmark.

Customer Care 0800 121 200