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GlucoMen Visio Blood Glucose Meter – (A.Menarini Diagnostics Ltd)

The GlucoMen Visio Blood Glucose Meter

Glucomen customer help line: 0800 243667


  • Allows sampling from the palm and other alternative sites.
  • If there is insufficient blood to start the reaction, a second drop may be added to the application tip.
  • Results delivered within 10 seconds.
  • Memory for 250 results with date and time.
  • Average estimated over 14 or 30 days.
  • Results may be downloaded to a Computer using Dialogue software.

The following images provide an overview of using the GlucoMen Visio Meter.

Illustration Explanation

Image 1

1. GlucoMen Visio Blood Glucose Meter – contents of package.


Image 2

2. Coding the Meter

A new code chip is supplied with every pot of sensor Strips. You must code the meter with every new pot of GlucoMen visio sensor strips.


Image 3

3. Insert Chip into the code chip port at the side of the meter. This allows the meter to identify the code of the test strips.

Image 4

4. Insert a fresh test strip into the meter as shown. The meter should turn itself on automatically.

Image 5

5. The code number is displayed briefly for a few seconds on the screen.

Image 6

6. Check that the code number displayed matches the code number on the pot of test strips.


Image 7

7. Prepare the Glucoject Lancing device supplied with your meter.

Image 8

8. Insert Lancet into Glucoject Dual device.

Image 9

9. Set the gauge to the required depth.

Image 10

10. Prime the device as shown in the photograph.

Image 11

11. Insert the test strip into the meter. The device should turn on automatically.  A symbol of a drop of blood flashes which indicates the meter is ready to receive a blood sample.

Image 12

12. Ensure your hands are clean. Prick your finger using the Glucoject device.


Touch the drop of blood to the test strip.


Image 13

13. The strip will draw the required amount of blood into the meter which delivers a reading within 10 seconds.


Image 14

14. Once reading is displayed, take strip out to turn the meter off.


January 2007