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Ascensia Contour Blood Glucose Meter

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The following images provide an overview of using the Ascensia Contour meter:

Illustration Explanation

Image 1

1. The Ascensia Contour pack

Image 2

2. The pack contents – container of Ascensia MICROFILL Test strips, Ascencia MICROLET Lancing device and Ascensia Contour meter

Image 3

3. The Ascensia MICROLET Lancing device

Image 4

4. Remove the adjustable Endcap

Image 5

5. Insert a fresh Lancet until it comes to a stop. This should click into place. This will also re-set or prime the device.

Image 6

6. Lancet in place

Image 7

7. Twist off the protective cap.

Image 8

8. Replace the endcap

Image 9

9. If necessary you can also prime the device as shown in the photograph

Image 10

10. You can set the depth of the lancing device by rotating the bevel as shown.

Image 11

11. Insert a test strip into the meter. The grey end should be facing up. You do not need to code the meter.

Image 12

12. The meter will turn on automatically once the strip has been inserted.

Image 13

13. A symbol of a test strip with a flashing drop of blood will indicate to you that the meter is ready to accept a blood sample.

Image 14

14. Press the endcap firmly against the puncture site. The sides of your fingers are best. Press the blue release button to fire the device.

Image 15

15. Allow a drop of blood to form before bringing the test strip towards it. Hold the tip of the test strip in the blood drop until the meter beeps.

Image 17

16. After the beep, you will see the meter countdown for five seconds. The test result will then be displayed.

No image

17. To turn the meter off simply remove the test strip. Dispose of the strip in your sharps bin. If you do not have sharps bin make sure to recap the lancet before disposal.


November 2007