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Ascensia Breeze Blood Glucose Meter (Bayer Health Care)

Ascensia Breeze Blood Glucose Meter

Ascensia customer support: 0845 600 6030


  • Does not require Coding
  • 10 Test Sensor Disc within meter. You do not need to carry the test strips separately.
  • Results displayed within 30 seconds.
  • 100 test memory
  • 14 day Blood Glucose Average
  • Results may be downloaded to a Computer
  • May be used for alternative site testing

The following images provide an overview of using the Ascensia Breeze Meter.

Illustration Explanation

Image 1

1. Ascensia Breeze meter, test strips and Lancing device.

Image 2

2. Open the Lancing Device for insertion of Lancet.

Image 3

3. Insert a fresh Lancet into the One Touch Lancing Device.

Image 4

4. Take the cap off the needle.

Image 5

5. The device has nine puncture depth settings. The smaller numbers are for a shallow puncture which is suitable for children.


Image 6

6. Prime the device by sliding the control back as shown in the picture.

Image 7

7. Open the back of the meter as shown in the picture.

Image 8

8. The meter is now open 

Image 9

9. Insert a disc of test strips into the meter.


Image 10

10. Prime the device as shown in the photograph.

Image 11

11. A fresh strip will appear.

Image 12

12. Prick the side of your finger with the Lancing device.

Image 13

13. Touch the edge of the test strip to the droplet of blood. The droplet will be drawn into the meter.


Image 14

14. A symbol appears which indicates that a droplet of blood has been received.

Image 15

15. Reading displayed in 30 seconds.

Image 16

16. Eject used test strip into safe disposal container.


January 2007