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HumaPen Luxura Insulin Delivery Device

The HumaPen Luxura Insulin Delivery Device is an insulin injection device for use with Lilly Insulin cartridges. It is a re-usable device unlike the disposable devices where the cartridge cannot be replaced.

HumaPen Luxura Insulin Delivery Device

The following images provide an overview of using the HumaPen Luxura insulin delivery device.

Illustration Explanation

Image 1

1. The HumaPen Luxura is packaged in a case similar in size to an average spectacle case.

Image 2

2. First remove the Pen cap and unscrew the cartridge holder from the body of the pen.

Image 3

3. Insert a 3ml cartridge of  Insulin into the cartridge holder. This pen will only take Lilly cartridges e.g.. Humalog, Humalog Mix 25, Humalog Mix 50.

Image 4

4. Re-attach the cartridge holder onto the body of the Pen and screw it down until securely fixed. Note if this is not completely attached the dose you deliver may be innacurate.

Image 5

5. Attach a fresh neeedle. Remove the paper tab from the needle and screw it onto the cartridge holder. Pull the outer needle cap and the inner needle shield off. Save the outer cap to remove the needle after your injection.

Image 6

6. Prime the Pen before EVERY injection. Dial up 2 units of insulin.

Image 7

7. Point the needle upwards and tap the cartridge to collect air at the top for removal. Pus injection button. A small amount of insulin will be expelled from the needle.

Image 8

8. Dial up your dose by turning the knob to the required amount. If you dial too many units you can correct this by turning the dial back.

Image 9

9. Insert the needle as directed by your doctor or nurse. Place your thumb on the injection button and slowly push the dose knob until it stops moving. Hold the button for a further 5 seconds, then remove the needle from your skin.

Check the pen to make sure you see a 0 in the dose window to confirm you have received your full dose.

If you need help with your HumaPen device call the HumaPen Luxura helpline on 0800 783 6764 (UK freefone)


November 2007