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General Diabetes Clinic – West Suffolk Hospital

The clinic takes place once a week on a Wednesday morning at Reception A of the Out Patients’ department. This is located on your right immediately on entering the hospital via the main entrance.

On arrival you will be asked for a sample of urine, which you should bring with you.

Your weight will be measured and you will have a finger prick blood test for glycated Haemoglobin (HbA1c) and a blood pressure check, before seeing the doctor.

Please bring a list of medication that you are currently taking plus any record of your diabetes care e.g. blood sugar record.

You may encounter the following members of the diabetes team who conduct this clinic.

Dr J Clark - Consultant

Dr J Majeed - Consultant

Dr E Gurnell - Consultant

Dr R Bradley - Clinical Assistant

Dr M Lockyer - Clinical Assistant

Liz Hartley - Diabetes Specialist Nurse

Nicky Chatters - Diabetes Specialist Nurse

Dawn Southgate - Diabetes Specialist Nurse

Sue Griggs - Diabetes Specialist Nurse

Nena Jukes - Podiatrist

Lynda Laughton - Dietitian

The Consultation

You will be seen by one of the doctors and any of the other staff either you may wish to see, or as advised during the consultation. You may be asked to have a further blood test at the Path lab before you go home. This blood sample may be taken from your forearm unlike the first sample which was a ‘finger prick test’. There are usually over 50 patients attending this clinic on a Wednesday morning.

Why do I have to wait?

Appointments are booked at 10 minute intervals so you would be allocated about 10 minutes for your consultation. Obviously if your doctor needs to spend more time with you he or she will do so. This unfortunately impacts on the next patient who has to wait until you have finished. The additional minutes spent in this way tend to add up over the course of a busy clinic and often leads to a long waiting period.  We understand entirely this can be frustrating and often inconvenient as you may have other commitments to attend to. Managing outpatient appointments in order to maintain efficiency and to maximize the use of doctors time is a difficult and challenging task and we would welcome any suggestions!

Check list

When you have finished you may be required to provide an additional blood sample. This sample will be obtained from your arm and will be used to measure your kidney function and/or cholesterol. You may also need to provide a sample of urine for measurement of protein. Remember to book your next appointment -most people who have diabetes are seen at six-monthly or yearly intervals.