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The Diabetic Foot Clinic

What is the Diabetic Foot Clinic?

The Diabetic foot clinic is a specialised clinic for treatment of foot problems arising in people with diabetes. It draws on the expertise of a team of people with skills and knowledge in managing these problems. Foot ulcers (wounds) due to neuropathy or poor circulation, Charcot joints are some of the conditions managed at this clinic. Access to vascular investigations and special devices for pressure relief, advice on foot care and prevention of ulcers are some of the ways we can help keep your feet healthy as well as achieve healing of chronic ulcers.

When is it held?

This takes place on Wednesday afternoons at the Podiatry department at the West Suffolk Hospital.

Where is it held?

The Foot Clinic is located next to the Diabetes Centre.

How can I get an appointment?

You require a letter of referral by your doctor. If you need to be seen urgently a form is available for urgent referral. This may be faxed through by your doctor.

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Who am I likely to see?

The podiatry clinic

Viv Smith at the podiatry clinic

Staff at this clinic include:

Dr Nishan Wijenaike - Consultant Diabetologist

Specialist Registrars - Doctors in training who are currently working with Dr Wijenaike

Mrs Nena Jukes - Senior Podiatrist

Mr Viv Smith -Chief Podiatrist

What happens at the clinic?

You will be examined by the Doctor and Podiatrist. It is likely that your circulation and sensation will be assessed. If necessary a photograph will be taken for our records. We will decide on a plan of management and you may be required to have further tests such as blood tests, wound swabs, an X-ray or scan. If you have an ulcer or open wound, a dressing may then be applied.

My foot is getting worse!

If you have not received an appointment and your foot is deteriorating, do get in touch. You can contact Nena Jukes on Mondays on 01284 713048, Viv Smith on Tuesdays and Wednesdays on 01284 713408 or Dr Wijenaike’s PA on 01284 712857.

Please do NOT phone these numbers if you have not already been referred to the service as we do have to observe the requirement for a request from your doctor (GP).

I have difficulty getting to the clinic

Let us know if you have difficulty making it up to the foot clinic. We do not expect you to walk all the way from the car park with a painful or ulcerated foot. To arrange hospital transport please ring Hospital Transport on 01284 713700 or request transport via the receptionist at your doctors surgery.

If you need a wheelchair from the main entrance, this can also be arranged.

What do I need to bring?

Bring a book or magazine in case you have to wait. If your mobility is poor, ask a member of your family or friend to accompany you. DO bring your usual footwear with you as this provides useful information. If you have been started on antibiotics by your doctor bring these with you. If you monitor your blood sugar, please bring your record book with you. If your doctor or Practise Nurse has provided you with any dressings, brings these as well.

There are times when we would like you to stay...

We try to manage the majority of our patients as 'out-patients'. There are times, however when we may require you to stay in hospital for example when you require intravenous antibiotics.

Once my ulcer has healed - what then?

Once your ulcer has healed we will give you advice on how to prevent a recurrence. You may be referred to an orthotist who specializes in making special footwear may be asked to measure you up for bespoke footwear so as to minimise the impact of pressure on your feet.


Dr Nishan Wijenaike, Consultant Diabetologist
West Suffolk Diabetes Service
Updated: November 2007