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Lifescan One Touch Ultra Blood Glucose Meter

The information given below is simply a guide on how the meter is used to obtain a finger-prick blood glucose measurement. It is not intended to be a comprehensive guide on using the device, which would be provided in the instruction leaflet/book accompanying your meter.

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Illustration Explanation
Image 1

1. OneTouch Ultra Meter, Fingerprick device and test strips.

Image 2

2. Coding:

a) Start with meter turned off.  Insert test strip to turn on meter.  All display segments will appear, followed by code number.

Image 3

3. Coding

a) Compare 3-digit code number on display with number printed on the test strip container.  The two numbers must be identical.

Image 4

4. Testing for glucose:

a) Push strip in until it will go no further (now in test mode).

b) When the drop symbol is displayed, hold the TOP EDGE of the strip to the drop of blood. A sample of blood will be automatically drawn into the narrow channel.

Image 5

5. Testing continued

c) Keep holding the strip to the blood until the channel is completely filled.

Image 6

6. Testing continued

d) The meter will then count down. If the meter starts to count down before the channel is filled repeat the test with a new strip.

Image 7

7. Testing continued

e) The meter will count down from 5 to 1 and display the test result with the date and time.

f) Then remove test strip and dispose of it. By taking the test strip out the meter will switch off

Image 8

8. Alternative site testing - forearm

Revised September 2005