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Medisense Optium Blood Glucose Meter

The information given below is simply a guide on how the meter is used to obtain a finger-prick blood glucose measurement. It is not intended to be a comprehensive guide on using the device, which would be provided in the instruction leaflet/book accompanying your meter.

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Illustration Explanation
Image 1

1. The Optium meter, Autolancet device, test strips and wallet.

Image 2

2. Insert the electrode into the sensor test port of the meter with the contact bars facing up. Push the electrode in until it stops. The sensor turns on automatically. LOT (lot number) and then Apply blood appears in the display window.

Image 3

3. Using the Autolancet device to obtain a sample.

Image 4

4. Obtaining a sample.

Image 5

5. At Apply blood, touch the blood drop to the target area of the electrode. The test starts automatically when the sample is detected. Move your finger away when the display window shows --- (three dashes).

Image 6

6. A 20 second countdown follows, after which your blood glucose result will appear. the result is stored in your sensor's memory.

The sensor will automatically turn off after 30 seconds.

Remove the electrode and discard.