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Glucomen Glyco Blood Glucose meter

The information given below is simply a guide on how the meter is used to obtain a finger-prick blood glucose measurement. It is not intended to be a comprehensive guide on using the device, which would be provided in the instruction leaflet/book accompanying your meter.

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1. The Glucomen Glyco blood glucose meter

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4. Calibration:

a) Press and hold the Function button for 4 seconds and then release.

b) Press the function button several times until you have selected the appropriate calibration number.

c) Release the button and wait for 5 seconds.

d) Ensure the calibration number displayed corresponds with the number on the Test Sensor container.

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5. Insert the Test Sensor into the sensor inlet of the Meter.

a) Prick finger using a lancing device.

b) Touch the Target are of the test sensor with the blood sample.

c) Keep finger on test sensor until the strip is full of blood.

d) You will hear a bleep, then withdraw your finger.

e) After 30 seconds your blood glucose reading will appear on the display.

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