Managing Diabetes

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Therasense FreestyleR Blood Glucose Meter

Capillary Blood glucose meter which can be used for sampling on alternative sites such as the forearm.

Illustrating locations of alternative sites on arms and legs Alternative sites

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Illustration Explanation

1. The Therasense FreeStyle

2. Test strips, meter and lancing device.

3. Remove the end of the lancing device.

4. Insert lancet. Twist off end cap, and pull out dark blue handle.


6. Replace end cap. Set the lancing level.

7. Insert test strip.

8. Ensure code matches. Use the “c” button to scroll number.

9. Matching the code.

10. Obtaining a sample from the forearm. Rub the test site vigorously for a few seconds until it feels warm. Lance the test site.

11. Fill the test site with blood. Use only one edge of test strip per area.

12. Result displayed on average in 15 seconds. Take strip out.

13. Dispose of lancet by pinching the white clip to release it over a sharps container.