Managing Diabetes

Choosing a Blood Glucose Meter

Choosing a meter can be difficult, especially with the wide range on offer today.

The page Illustrations and examples shows a range of various blood glucose meters.

The page Table of Glucose Meters allows you to compare some of their features.

What are the likely differences between the various meters?

Meters vary considerably depending on the manufacturer.

  • size of meter
  • method of calibration
  • size of display
  • time taken to deliver reading
  • number of test readings available in memory
  • ability to provide averages over a week, fortnight etc
  • ability to download data to computer
  • ability to replace batteries when exhausted

Where can I get a meter from?

Meters are available at most Chemists. Ask your diabetes nurse whether they can supply you with one on loan.

Some of the meters currently available

More detailed information about using specific meters is available as follows:

Accu-Chek Active

Accu-Chek Advantage

Accu-Chek Compact

Accu-Chek Softclix finger prick device

Ascensia Breeze

Ascensia Contour

FreeStyle Mini (TheraSense)

Glucomen Glyco

GlucoMen Visio

HumaPen Luxura Insulin Delivery Device


Lifescan OneTouch Ultrasmart

Medisense Optium

Medisense Optium Xceed

Microlet Lancing Device

OneTouch Ultra Easy

OneTouch Ultra

Therasense Freestyle