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Accu-Chek Compact Blood Glucose Meter


  • 17 test strips contained within a single drum drum
  • stores up to 100 test results in memory together with date and time
Illustration Explanation

1. Accu-ChekR Compact  Meter, Test strips and Accu-ChekR Softclix finger pricker.

2. Opening the drum compartment (a).

3. Opening the drum compartment (b).

4. Insert new drum of test strips.

5. Close compartment.

6. Switch Meter on by pressing On/Off button.

7. A test strip will automatically advance from the drum.

8. Wait until the flashing hand symbol and blood drop appear in the display and apply blood.

9. Prick side of finger using the softclix finger pricker or alternative device.

The blood is drawn into the test strip automatically. Do not pull your finger away until the “000” is displayed and the meter beeps.

10. Hold the meter straight up and press the on/off button to turn off the meter and release the test strip …

11. …into a waste bin!


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East Sussex BN7 1LG

Accu-Chek Customer Care Centre 0800 701000 (UK)