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Accu-Chek Advantage Blood Glucose Meter

The information given below is simply a guide on how the meter is used to obtain a finger-prick blood glucose measurement. It is not intended to be a comprehensive guide on using the device, which would be provided in the instruction leaflet/book accompanying your meter.

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Illustration Explanation
Image 1

1. Advantage II test strips

Image 2

2. Basic components

Image 3

3. Coding the meter - code key is located in each new box of test strips. Remove key and insert as shown with meter switched off

Image 4

4. Insert test strip as shown into slot D. The meter will turn on automatically

Image 5

5. Switch on meter by pressing button B. The code in the display window must match the three-figure code on the test strip container. If codes do not match repeat procedure with new code chip

Image 6

6. When the blood drop symbol is flashing, apply drop of blood to side of test strip

Image 7

7. Note the yellow window before blood is drawn in

Image 8

8. Test strips - detail

Image 9

9. Apply drop of blood as shown. The drop of blood is drawn into the electrode.

Image 10

10. When measurement is complete, the result will be displayed and stored automatically

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