Administrating Insulin and Insulin Analogues

Insulin Lyspro (HumalogR)

What is Lyspro/HumalogR?

Insulin Lyspro which is available as HumalogR, was the first insulin 'analog'. This is a man-made insulin which is different in structure to human insulin.  To make this insulin scientists switched the order of two amino acids in human insulin - Lysine and Proline.

How does it differ from Soluble Insulin?

Insulin Lyspro is absorbed faster and therefore acts more quickly than soluble insulin. As it works faster, Humalog may cause a more rapid onset of hypoglycaemia.  Lyspro lowers blood sugar the most, one hour after it is injected. Its action is usually over by three hours.

When should I take it?

Soluble insulin (e.g. human Actrapid, Humulin S) needs to be taken at least 30 minutes before a meal. lyspro/Humalog should be taken either at meal time or no more than 5-15 minutes before a meal.

How often should it be taken?

It is usually taken 3 times a day before meals.

When does it work and for how long?

It starts working within 15 minutes. It works best between1-3 hours and lasts from 3-6 hours.

What are the advantages?

  • Works more quickly than conventional short acting insulin.
  • Allows more flexibility in meal planning.
  • Helps provide good blood glucose control after meals.
  • Can help to reduce the risk of night time hypos.

Who would benefit from using Lyspro/HumalogR

People leading active lives needing soluble insulin as part of a twice daily dosing schedule or basal bolus regimen

What precautions are necessary?

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What are the preparations available?


Cartridges HumalogR 3ml Cartridges to fit a Humapen.

Disposable pens - HumalogR 3ml pre-filled pen


Dr. Nishan Wijenaike, Consultant Physician
West Suffolk Hospitals Diabetes Service
October 2002