Administrating Insulin and Insulin Analogues

InnovoR insulin injection device

Please note: This device is no longer available in the UK (see NovoNordisk website for further information).

The InnovoR insulin injection device is designed for use with Novo Nordisk insulins – it takes Penfill 3 ml cartridges.


  • In-built memory which records the size of the previous dose and how long ago it was taken.
  • Large digital display which can be read easily.
  • Dial up upto 70 units in increments of one unit.
  • Ease of injection with broad plunger.
Step 1

1. The InnovoR device

Step 2

2. Pull off the cap

Step 3

3. Open the slide

Step 4

4. Insert a new Penfill cartridge

Step 5

5. Close the slide

Step 6

6. Attach a needle

Step 7

7. The device is now ready to dial up a dose

Step 8

8. Press the release button and the push button will jump out

Step 9

9. Dial up one unit and push down on plunger to discard a single unit of insulin. This primes the device

Step 10

10. Dial up the required dose (28 units shown)

Step 11

11. Inject dose by pressing down on plunger