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Welcome to is five years old.

Welcome to the newly relaunched, the website for people with diabetes. From small beginnings five years ago in 2002, DiabeteSuffolk has now evolved into one of the most popular diabetes websites worldwide with around a quarter of a million visitors each year.

A sincere thank you to everyone who took the trouble to write in over the past five years. It has not always been possible to respond individually, however, your feedback has helped stimulate and grow the site into what it is today.

To mark our fifth anniversary, we have re-designed the website aiming to make it easier to navigate. Many of the pages have been completely re-written or updated. There is an option to view the site using a large font option and the pages have been formatted for ease of printing (see how to use this web site for more information). We hope the changes are for the better - do write in and let us know.


This website has been developed by the West Suffolk Diabetes Service which is based at the West Suffolk Hospital in Bury St Edmunds and provides clinics and other services to the people of West Suffolk.

In this section, you will find more information about what our aims are, how to use this web site and the West Suffolk Diabetes team.

Details of the general and specialist diabetes clinics that are available in the West Suffolk area are given in the Services section.

Please use our feedback form to let us have your comments about this website.

Human beings lead active and varied lives; diabetes is a life-long condition requiring constant attention which impacts on many aspects of daily living, including work, leisure and social interaction. A thorough understanding of diabetes is important so that you may tackle the day to day problems with minimum disruption. Education is a vital part of developing your skills and is arguably the most important role of any service for people with diabetes. In recognition of this requirement, the forthcoming National Service Framework for Diabetes has placed patient empowerment and education high on the list of priorities.

The West Suffolk Diabetes team is firmly committed to patient education. We provide a range of educational programmes for our patients, including individual and small group sessions, counselling and audio visual material. Information must be made available to all, completely free and unrestricted, if we are to learn to cope with conditions such as diabetes. The internet is one of the most valuable resources available to us in modern times; this website was created in an attempt to reach a wider audience through the internet. You may well regard it as a 'distance learning course'. We hope you will find the information useful and easy to understand.

Best wishes
Nishan Wijenaike
Consultant Diabetologist
West Suffolk Hospital NHS Trust
Bury St Edmunds
November 2007

Message from Chris Bown, Chief Executive, West Suffolk Hospital NHS Trust, to mark the 5th anniversary of this website on 14 November 2007

"I am delighted to be able to support the re-launch of this very successful website which over the past five years has provided a helpful and supportive resource for people with diabetes, their families or carers. Feedback about the website has been extremely positive and this has been used to improve and develop the information provided. No other diabetes website either in the UK or internationally has achieved such a high search engine ranking as The website has and will continue to play a significant role in helping to inform and support those whose lives are affected by diabetes". x